To honor and thank organizations that serve and protect our communities.

Our Vision

We strive to become leaders in spreading public awareness and promoting appreciation for all those who protect and serve our communities

The Gratitude Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization,  supports law enforcement, first responders, military, veterans, and K9 units. Their bravery, selflessness, and their commitment to serve allows us to enjoy our everyday lives and feel safe knowing they protect us. These men, women, and K9’s sacrifice their own lives to protect ours. It is our mission to honor and thank these heroes.

“Gratitude is not just words or prayers—gratitude is an action.”-Nami Oneda


“Nami Oneda is the founder and President of The Gratitude Project. She is deeply committed to the belief that gratitude is best expressed through action. An avid supporter of law enforcement, first responders, military, veterans, and K9 units, Nami was inspired to do something to express her gratitude towards all those who selflessly serve our community. She hopes that through The Gratitude Project, she will have future opportunities to show her deep appreciation for these organizations that protect and serve.”

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